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Authentication of Documents (Notarial Certificate)

The authentication of a document is made when the party or parties executing a legal document could not appear in person before a Consular officer at the Consulate.

Under this procedure, the person who is executing the document must ensure that the said document(s) is sworn to before a local Notary Public. The duly-notarized document must thereafter be submitted to the local County Clerk of Court or the Secretary of State in the State where the applicant resides. The local County Clerk or the Secretary of State will issue a Certification attesting to the official authority of the Notary Public to perform notarial functions.

After the local County Clerk or the Secretary of State shall have issued a Certification, the document should then be forwarded to the Consulate for authentication.


1, Must have covering letter stating your desire in legalizing your document

2, The original copy of each document must be presented. Each original copy must be accompanied by one (1) photocopy for the Consulate’s records.

3, The processing fee for each set of document is $100.00 (For Personal) and $150.00 (For Corporation) in money order only made payable to the Liberian Consulate. For Canadian citizens, please be advised that we do not accept Canadian postal money orders. ALL Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

4, If submitted in person, documents received before 12:00 pm are normally released between 2-3pm of the same day.

5, If submitted by mail, you must include a self stamped return USPS express mail (PREPAID OVERNIGHT EXPRESS return mail)