Change of Name

If change of name is due to marriage or divorce, attach copy of marriage certificate or divorce decree. If name is misspelled in passport, attach copy of birth certificate. Include one passport size photo (white background, and full-face).

Requirements for a Name Change

  • 1, Change Of Name
  • 2, 1 Passport size Photo (plain white background, please remove glasses, hats, or coverings)
  • 3, Processing FEE of Seventy-five U.S Dollars ($75.00). ALL Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Payable in Money Order only to Liberia Consulate. For Canadian citizens, please be advised that we do not accept Canadian postal money orders

There’s a waiting period of 5 business days for processing of documents. NOTE: In Conjunction with our Embassy in Washington D.C. as of April 1, 2010, there’s an increase in expedition fees. The fees are as follows: (1) Same Day Processing an additional $75.00 per document (Must submit in the morning before 12pm and please take note pickup is between 2-3pm of the same day.  If you submit after 12pm,  pick up will be the next day), (2) Next Day Processing or less than 5 days an additional $50.00 per document.

  • 4. Fill in the Change of Name Application Form DOWNLOAD HERE Change of Name Form
  • 5. Applicants need not apply in person.
  • They must send a USPS self-stamped addressed envelope (EXPRESS MAIL together with the requirements in order to ensure the return of the ready document(s).

Download Change of Name Form HERE