Pet Clearance

To obtain Pet Clearance to import pet animals into Liberia:

1, Secure a HEALTH CERTIFICATE issued by a duly licensed veterinarian in the United States or the U.S. Department of Agriculture dated not more than 30 days before arrival in Liberia. It should certify that the animal is free from, and has not been recently exposed to, any dangerous or communicable disease, and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculations. This will be presented upon arrival.

2, Must have proper documentation of pet containing the following information:

  • 1, species and breed of animal
  • 2, sex, color and number of pets
  • 3, expected date of arrival

3, The Fee is $100.00 per pet. Money Order Only payable to the Liberian Consulate in NY. ALL Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.